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Meet Brooklyn Queen, a Gen Z artist and Renaissance woman.,


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Name: Brooklyn Queen

Age: 16

Location: Detroit, Mich.

Following: 4.6 million on TikTok

Content: There’s not a piece of the internet that Brooklyn Queen can’t conquer. She’s a successful YouTuber, posting vlogs, makeup tutorials and challenges to more than 1.2 million subscribers. She’s massive on Instagram, where she’s gained over 1.7 million followers by posting photos of herself and a steady stream of videos to Instagram Stories. She’s a widely popular dancer on Dubsmash and she has millions of followers on TikTok.

“I’m an artist, influencer, actress, pretty much everything,” she said. “I like to call myself an entertainer because I like to branch out and do everything.” After discovering a passion for singing and dancing in childhood, she released the song “KeKe Taught Me” at just 11 years old. It has been viewed more than 54 million times on YouTube. As for acting,she recently starred in a series on Brat TV, a digital entertainment network, called “Charmers.”

Advice: She said not to be afraid to leverage the internet early, no matter what you want to do. “I feel like if you want to be anything anywhere, you need social media,” she said. “It’s what can introduce you to people.”

However, online attention often brings backlash, and she said that it’s key to develop a thick skin early. “Don’t let what anyone else says about you change how you feel about yourself,” she said. “I grew up with my mom always telling me that.”

She said she ignores the comment sections of her Instagram and TikTok pages, because ultimately attention is what haters want. “They want me to be on social media crying about it,” she said. “I really just don’t pay attention to it, really.”

Favorite Follower: She said she doesn’t have one favorite follower, but the most memorable interaction she’s had during her career was meeting Chris Brown as he exited a party. Another high point was her recent birthday party, where she performed onstage to a crowd of friends, top TikTok stars, agents and Hollywood power players. “Everyone knows I’m a influencer,” she said, “some people don’t know that I’m an artist. But I guess they know now.”

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