8 Wedding Gifts Chefs Love to Give

From mushrooms in a box to bourbon-themed bike tours, here are some suggestions for brides and grooms who love to eat, drink and cook.,


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For many couples, a shared love of eating and drinking is what bonds them together. Whether they prefer cooking at home, dining out or enjoying wine with friends, there are gifts to satisfy every epicurean taste.

The eight ideas below, recommended by four chefs from across the country, go beyond standard registry staples like mixing bowls and dinnerware sets.

Some of the more unique options combine activities with food or drink, offering an even more memorable culinary experience.

Ms. Izard is an owner and the executive chef of six restaurants, including Girl & the Goat in Chicago and Los Angeles.


“You can easily grow your own shiitake, oyster or lion’s mane mushrooms to incorporate into your dinner at home.”


“A dual gift option: a restaurant gift certificate and something from a chef’s product line. For example, an Herb & Wood gift card paired with chef Brian Huntington Malarkey’s cooking oils.”

Herb & Wood gift card, from $25; Chefs Life Chefs Threesome cooking oils, $47

Ms. Patel is the chef and owner of Dash & Chutney in Atlanta.


“Every Indian chef has a masala dabba and every chef needs one. It holds small quantities of your spices, keeping them easy to grab while you’re cooking. Mine has my mom’s name engraved in it.”


“The satisfaction of having a well-organized kitchen, with the essentials exactly where they need to be, is underrated. A service like the Home Edit, with its video consultations, can help newlyweds get organized and purge the old hand-me-downs.”

The Home Edit Virtual Chat service, from $250

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Mr. Garcia is an owner and the chef of Broken Spanish in Los Angeles and Viva by Ray Garcia in Las Vegas.


“A culinary bike tour: chefs guide you through local gastronomy and culture of various regions of Italy. You really get to take in the sights when traveling via bike. The perfect way to work off your pasta.”

Tourissimo Chef Bike Tour, from $2,750 per person


“For wine lovers, a unique gift that allows them to try some delicious wines being produced south of the border.”

Alta Baja Wine Club one-year membership, from $85 to $110 per quarterly shipment

Mr. Ferguson is the chef and founder of SuperChefs in Louisville, Ky.


“There are many companies and distilleries on these bourbon tours. There’s a little something for everyone.”

Bourbon Excursions prepackaged tour, from $209 per person


“I always like the idea of a couples cooking class. Williams-Sonoma offers many different options of what to cook and what techniques to focus on for home cooks of all levels.”

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