Geography Brought Them Closer Together

Tai Leclaire and Dominic Tetro met through the dating app OkCupid in 2014 and got to know each other through a geography quiz.,


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When Taietsaron:sere Leclaire, who goes by Tai, and Dominic Tetro went to dinner together for the first time seven years ago, Mr. Leclaire declared that he was going to eat his burger with a knife and fork. The couple also began a geography competition.

It was a “getting to know you” exercise as well as a cross-cultural foray, at the Black Swan, an English-style pub in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

“He grew up in Canada, and tried to name all of the 50 states,” Mr. Tetro said, adding that Mr. Leclaire did pretty well. “I tried to name all the provinces and territories of Canada, which I still don’t know.”

A few days before their first dinner, the couple had a first date: they met for drinks at Dynaco, a bar in Bedford-Stuyvesant, in July 2014 after connecting through the dating app OkCupid.

“The date was great,” said Mr. Leclaire, 32. “I had an old fashioned. He had a negroni.” But Mr. Leclaire, who had just finished moving, was worn out. The date was over in under an hour.

Then came the dinner with the geography quiz, and then a third date, on the waterfront in Williamsburg, that culminated with a first kiss on a park bench.

Mr. Leclaire “made the first move because I was too scared to,” said Mr. Tetro, 34. “He’s definitely very passionate, driven and focused. He pushes me to be better. I’m a very, just, like — lazy is not the right word — but sometimes I’m just like, ‘Eh.’ He helps me get to the next step in my life.”

That next step in their relationship came around Halloween, when Mr. Leclaire’s parents were planning to visit and Mr. Tetro said he wanted to be positioned as “boyfriend.” The introduction took place at the Black Swan. When Mr. Tetro’s family came to visit in early 2015, they all met, again, at the Black Swan.


Credit…Jonas Seaman

The two men were engaged in 2019, planned a wedding for Oct. 10, 2020, and then postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In April 2021, they moved to Los Angeles, where Mr. Leclaire, an actor and comedian, had lived briefly before, when he accepted a TV writing job.

“Being someone who is trying to work in entertainment and TV, he’s always been there, someone I’m not afraid to complain to,” Mr. Leclaire said of Mr. Tetro. “I once had a show where he was the only person in the audience and was so excited that he was the only person there.”

Mr. Leclaire, who received a diploma in professional photography from Dawson College in Montreal, and a bachelor’s degree in communication design from the Parsons School of Design, is now a writer for “Rutherford Falls,” a series on NBC’s streaming network, Peacock. Mr. Tetro, who graduated from the New York Institute of Technology, is an architectural designer in the Los Angeles office of Interior Architects.

On Oct. 23, the couple married at Kester Homestead, a wedding venue in Memphis, N.Y., that is on traditional Iroquois land, which mattered to Mr. Leclaire, who is a member of the Kahnawa:ke Mohawk Nation. Brittany Griffin, a Universal Life minister, officiated before about 100 guests. The couple asked attendees to get vaccinated before the event, which took place mostly outdoors.

“Dom’s the person I can relax with,” Mr. Leclaire said. “I can be anxious, I can be high-strung, a little precious about the words I use, and, with Dom, it’s just like pajamas on the couch. And it’s great.”

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